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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  August 26, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we are getting a better look at the path we expect hurricane irene to take up the coast. >> it looks like cape hatteras
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and east of ocean city late saturday night, early sunday morning. a little faster movement in the system. it will probably be around the ocean city area, but i of the storm, just after midnight -- the eye of the storm. that is why the hurricane warning is in the red shaded county's seven down the eastern seaboard. from carol and frederick counties west, no tropical warnings in effect. flood watches continue in that area for several inches of rain sunday night into it -- saturday night into sunday morning. the offshore weather stations that are floating out in the atlantic are already picking up winds gusting as high as 65 miles an hour as the center of the storm approaches. right now, winds up to 100 miles an hour at the eye of the storm. it is expected to weaken to category 1 as it approaches the
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outer banks late saturday night and sunday morning. the complete forecast is coming up in just a little bit. >> if you live on the water or in a low-lying area, you might want to start sandbagging. kai reed joins us live in annapolis where residents and officials are preparing for flooding. >> the mayor declared a state of emergency for the city of annapolis this afternoon. they are handing out sandbags but they are worried the supply will not keep up with demand. people have been very busy sandbagging since last night in preparation for our grain. the city has now limited -- in preparation for irene. employees at the city docks are working quickly to get supplies of the floor. they are very worried about flooding that could be a lot more severe than they are used to. >> i am definitely worried. i want to be prepared.
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you can never over prepare for a big storm like this because you never know what to expect. the storm surge could be something really bad, or we ut.ld luck ol >> police officers will be out going door-to-door and urging people to evacuate. city garages will be open for free parking for people who need a place to put their car. annapolis high school will be open as a shelter starting at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> in baltimore city, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake help residents fill sandbags ahead of the storm. jayne miller joins us live. >> this is one the busiest places in baltimore. there are a number of these locations where people can come and get sand and that tax, but it has proved to be a very popular venue all day long.
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with me is donna thomas, a fells point residents. you lived through isabel. everybody remembers that very clearly. >> we did not have this option back then because we did not expect it to hit us the way it did. >> i would assume that is why everyone is taking this seriously. >> a few were really hurt bad last time. >> tell me about isabel. >> we lost the kaydin room, we lost all our beer. -- the keg room. it was horrible. all these other restaurants lost all their food, all the seafood, everything. it did not matter if you had flood insurance, you really did not get anything for it.
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you can see that sandbags up against the wall over there. several restaurants have plywood up. >> businesses do intend to stay open. are you going to be open? >> we will have a hurricane party, absolutely. whether we have electricity or not. drink up the rest of the cold beer while weekend. we open with no electricity during isabel, and there is no reason to change that. >> you can see how popular this is. earlier today, no one was checked id. now they are checked id, because they want to make sure that people who are taking advantage of the free sandbags are city residents.
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>> still ahead ,gerry as a look at last night's ravens win. >> people are already dealing with strong winds ahead of irene's landfall. >> the center of the storm is moving in this direction. the weekend forecast is coming up.
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x alive looked at ocean city. just a short time until hurricane irene is expected to make landfall breen strong winds and heavy rains. >> i would guess that those
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surfers are going to get some pretty good waves. >> it is not really a smart thing to do. you can understand why the thrill is there, but there are dangerous rip currents developing. on sunday, we expect the storm to hit early in the morning and be gone when the sun comes out in the afternoon. that does not mean it will be safe to go in the water. it may be tempting when the sun comes back out sunday afternoon, but it will be dangerous out there. 260 miles from cape hatteras and moving to the north in that general direction right now. the northeastern part of south carolina around myrtle beach and up toward the outer banks or already dealing with very heavy rain on the western flank of the storm system as it is tracking to the north. we have seen some showers pop
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up, not directly influenced by irene. the tropical moisture is energizing the front and triggering some pretty big storms in parts of delaware, around dover. some scattered showers popping up from time to time along the i-95 corridor. notice how trichet is out west? they will miss out on most of this storm. temperatures were warmer than normal today, but so far there is nothing in the rain gauge. a little bit of cloud cover and east to se when bringing in the tropical air. maybe some upper 60's east of town and a continuing threat of a few scattered showers or thunderstorms. the front yesterday reached us and ran out of gas. the second front coming across the upper great lakes and the
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upper midwest will try to push in and nudge irene off the coast. maybe just enough to keep the center of a storm off shore. there is still a hurricane warning for all of new jersey, delaware, and the lower eastern shore up maryland. even st. mary's county is under hurricane warning. winds of 74 miles an hour or greater, at least for a brief time. harper, baltimore, howard, anne arundel county's all under a tropical storm warnings. you get to carole -- carol and frederick counties and points west and you missed the worst of the storm. the better the weather will be the further west you go. several inches of rain coming down with this storm as it passes by. winds already gusting over 60 and the center of the storm will move toward the outer banks of north carolina tonight and could head up toward ocean city by
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little past midnight tomorrow night. there is still a little bit of a spread in the computer model tracks. you can see the center line is closed ocean city, but some of them are putting it a little further out to sea and some are still bringing it inland. that would be the worst-case scenario of three the bay area. the general thinking from the national hurricane center is that the storm will be pretty close to ocean city, just off shore just after midnight sunday night. expected to weaken to category 1. that is really good news. this is not a historic storm as far as the intensity of a ghost. what is important is the track. it will impact many people from the outer banks of eastern north carolina up into southern new england. that is why we are getting all this coverage with this storm. it is going to impact so many
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people in this heavily populated eastern corridor. it is close enough to really feel it and as it winds down to a tropical storm status as it passes new york city and had stepped into southern new england. the forecast calls for temperatures in the low 80's it through the weekend, increasing rains and wind through tomorrow afternoon. by afternoon and evening, the rains and wind will be picking up. gusting to 70 on the eastern shore and over 90 down at ocean city late tomorrow night. the storm pulls away sunday morning and some sunshine returns in the afternoon. the rest of the week looks pretty nice. >> right now, we want you to take pictures before the storm hits, and then when it is safe to go out -- under no circumstances do we want you to go out during the storm and take pictures. you can take pictures after the
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storm and send them to still ahead, the latest conditions in north carolina. >> it is death th italye calm before the storm. -- definitely the calm before the storm. the storm. >> we will look you said you'd get me on the field. i did get you on the field. you are brian orakpo all-pro linebacker, surely you can do better than this. come on sunshine. it's game time. squad's waiting. this is embarrassing brian. they've got me on the bottom of the pyramid.
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>> for families who lost loved ones fighting for this country, the losses never ending. >> it is called a team jeffrey foundation. writer across america, and it began in june. on june 9 at the graveside of staff sgt jesse williams in santa rosa, california, those who served with him left from
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the cemetery on a bike ride across the country. the purpose of the ride, to honor jesse and all the other soldiers who paid the ultimate price. >> i met jessie williams when he was 21 years old and washington. he was a fun loving kid from santa rosa, california. i remember he may be laugh and smile during the toughest times. he was a great soldier. >> and hope to raise half a million dollars. the money will go to the families of our country's fallen soldiers and first responders. format, it is a commitment to this). >> it began for me to support my friend kevin, someone i believe is a true american hero.
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it has grown into a lot more for me. it has grown into an opportunity to give back and provide opportunities for those who have little less of that did to the ultimate price paid by their parents. >> it is a commitment to a soldier he served with who lost his life fighting in iraq. >> jesse had a club 11-month-old daughter when he left for iraq. he asked me to look after his daughter financially if anything were to tragically happen to him. when i found out he was killed on april 8, 2007, i knew i had a responsibility to uphold my promise to my friend and that will be responsibility for the rest of my life. i made a promise to my friend and i am of holding my promise today, forever. >> the bike ride will end on september 11 at ground zero. >> we want to continue the stories of our heroes of our
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country that died defending it. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is 11 sports. >> even though the reagan still have one preseason game remaining in atlanta, most birders have seen their last game action until the regular season. they won over the washington redskins' 34-31. joe flacco was picked off by the angela hall, a 52-year -- 52- yard return. flacco had a bad feeling as soon as the ball left his hands. >> we had one-on-one coverage, but he did his job and picked one often ran it back. >> the ravens entered with two touchdowns in the second quarter. the second touchdown of the second quarter was a thing of beauty. they must have known each other
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in a previous lifetime because they have an uncanny timing for players who does started playing together. >> to be able to go get that ball the way he did, i did not think he was going to be able to catch up with him. >> the ravens were trailing williams keeps making a case for making this game. a 48-yard punt return put the ravens in position for the win. tailored to jones. jones made a big impression on his head coach. >> it is just a big time football play. >> the preseason wraps up next thursday night in atlanta. tonight the orioles returned to camden yards. they continue to remember and began to honor the late mike flanagan.
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the orioles have hung a black banner with the no. 46 beneath the broadcast booth. they have also positioned the no. 46 on the outfield wall at camden yards. the team will enjoy -- have a moment of silence before tonight's game. for the rest of the season, players will wear a number 46 patch on the right sleeve of each jersey. and that was a number mike flanagan war and personally gave to him when he joined the orioles. stick around. tom tasselmyer is tracking hurricane irene when we come back.
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>> people in north carolina are already dealing with some strong winds. >> the conditions are only going
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to get much worse. >> good evening drum the crystal coast, where everyone is bracing for irene's impact. we have had to move our location for safety reasons. we were at the sheraton hotel. that area is expected to see a lot of flooding because of storm surges so we crossed the bridge and came to this side of the sound at morehead city. people have boarded up homes and businesses. even the hospital has taken precautionary measures. as you can see, the rain has started to fall and bands of rain pass through here ofirene. -- pass through here a head up irene. >> it will be an interesting not for them in north carolina. >> tom is up next with a look at
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the conditions irene will be bringing us. bringing us. >> we are live in
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>> things are pretty quiet in ocean city. town officials ordered everyone to evacuate ahead of hurricane irene. >> they are preparing for some pretty rough conditions later. shelton dutes is live in ocean city. this is virtually the calm before the storm. >> it feels like a nice summer night, but storm progressions have been under way all day long. tonight the patio furniture has a new home right here at the bottom of the pool. that way it will not fly around when wind gusts get up to 120 miles an hour. there is a state of emergency in effect right now and a mandatory evacuation order.
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a few brave souls will be out and about tonight. i want to show you what the water looks like right now. the waves are crashing on the shore, but it does not looked too ominous. the town of ocean city says they learned a lot of lessons from hurricane gloria. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the timeframe we expect? >> late tomorrow night and the early pre-dawn hours of sunday. from 11:00 tomorrow not until maybe four o'clock or 5:00 tomorrow morning. 2-5 inches of rain, gusting to 70 miles an hour at times on the eastern shore. over to ocean city is where you get the most feel of a category
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one hurricane and the torment -- torrential amount of rain. it will be gone by sunday afternoon, and then next week looks pretty nice. >> we will get through this thing together. nbc nightly news with brian williams is coming up next. good night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute


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